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HMC Brings the Quay Australia x Saweetie Campaign to Life with Lafleur Bouquets

Saweetie wants to protect your precious eyeballs from the sun this summer, but with style. The rapper has launched her first collaboration with Quay on a collection of vibrant sunglasses.

“Everyone knows I love my accessories and sunglasses, so I’m hella excited about my collection with Quay,” Saweetie said in an official statement. “The styles are all luxe but affordable, so all my ICY Babies can get glammed out and look GOODT with a ‘t’ just in time for summer.”

In addition to dropping a slew of new sunglasses styles, the USC alum extended her partnership with Quay to bring back the brand’s Education is Quay scholarship program, which will award $100,000 in scholarships to 10 students.

“Education is super important to me. I have been blessed with the opportunity to achieve my educational aspirations and I truly believe that higher education should be available to everyone,” Saweetie added. “I’m excited to work alongside Quay to help provide that opportunity to others and to inspire more people to chase their dreams.”


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